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Objectives :
1. Identify how weakness in the posterior fibers of the gluteus medius and gluteus maximus influence the hip, knee, and ankle
2. Demonstrate understanding of a functional movement screen
3. Identify compensation patterns in a functional movement screen - What is short? What is lengthened?
4. Demonstrate understanding of how to utilize PNMT to start your treatment with more specific focus and precision
5. Demonstrate understanding of how to communicate with your clients so they are asking to schedule more sessions

About Dr. Jeanette DeWitt

Dr. Jeanette is a native of Cincinnati, OH and moved to Kenosha, WI with her family in February 2012. She has practiced in hospital-based and private outpatient orthopedic settings as well as skilled nursing and Division I athletics. During her 20+ year career, Dr. Jeanette has had the privilege of caring for a wide variety of clients: from school-aged children to retirees, from homemakers to business professionals and executives, from weekend warriors to professional athletes. She is currently a solo franchise owner of ApexNetwork Physical Therapy - Mount Pleasant in Wisconsin. She is also the solo owner of De Witt Physical Therapy & Wellness, LLC, an online health & wellness practice.

Degrees and Certifications: ● Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training and University Scholar from Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH - 1996. ● Master of Physical Therapy from Allegheny University of the Health Sciences in Philadelphia, PA - 1998. ● Certification in Precision Neuromuscular Therapy - 2012 ● Doctor of Physical Therapy from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA - 2014. ● Certified Personal Trainer with National Academy of Sports Medicine - 2018 ● Exercise is Medicine Level 1 Credential - 2018 ● Fitness Nutrition Specialization Credential - 2019

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