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Stacey Kilps will provide a framework for understanding how our compensatory mechanisms are both our best friend and worst enemy when it comes to symptoms. Compensation is this wonderful thing that allows us to get through life when injured or in chronic pain. Yet, these same minor or major adjustments the body accumulates over its lifespan and at some point they become unsustainable without symptoms appearing. These symptoms are what drive our industry. Stacey’s presentation will include ways to speak with your client about the process of incorporating a homecare program (no on likes homework) into every session. We will also take time to lead each other through a few movements so you can experience both receiving and teaching this work. Our goal as a PNMT therapist is to assess, treat, reassess to gain effective results for our clients. What about the rest of the time they live in their body and aren’t paying attention to the signals their body is giving them? How do we kindly ask them to become involved in the decomposition of their own patterns? Given that all of this, as ell as posture and most daily movement being done unconsciously, mindful movement closes that gap. As long as you have a willing client, this work can change lives and give tools that really work.

Objectives: At the end of the presentation, the participants will:

  • Communicate with clients based on what they feel and what you see.

  • Understand that our body is our barometer and change will happen v

  • See that our body will compensate in movement but also energy usage v

  • Utilizing awareness by focusing the mind on the movement v

  • Understand that as clinicians and teachers, this awareness becomes presence

  • Practice this presence as it is the key ingredient to our results

About the Instructor: Stacey’s current studies of yoga therapy with Susi Hately began in September of 2018 but are a collective in movement training that spans 4 decades. Beginning with various forms of dance, then yoga, then massage and Precision Neuromuscular Therapy. Receiving a B.S. in exercise science from the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay after completing medical massage training at Blue Sky School of Massage and Bodywork, Stacey has taught yoga and massage professionals around the country. Similar to Precision Neuromuscular Therapy, Stacey’s Precision Companies, Precision Massage and Precision Bodywork Institute, are dedicated to up-leveling professionals connection and presence to attaining sustainable results. Integrating the reality that our understanding of the human body’s function will continue to evolve and we are all doing the best we can with what we understand now, through current research and best practices.

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