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"It's pretty overwhelming."

That was a statement from one of the students in the massage therapy class. I was doing an overview of possible reasons for anterior shoulder pain. As it turns out, there is a multitude of reasons for the same symptom presentation. The more you know, the more possibilities there are.

Her statement very much resonated with me, however. I do see how challenging this discipline of PNMT can be for those considering the journey. Here are a few thoughts.

One bite at a time

When faced with a task that seems overwhelming, often the best strategy is to approach it in steps. For instance, a golfer may not even see the flag when teeing off a long par 5 hole. You don't have to hit it to the pin, you just need to hit the ball in the fairway. Each shot sets up the next. The same is true in so many tasks. Once you have decided the goal, then figure out how to accomplish the steps along the way.

Pick a muscle of the week.

One thing I used to do was have a muscle of the week. I'd make that muscle my focus and try to treat it on every client I saw. Next week, different muscle. Over time, it became quite a list. I didn't start out trying to master 52 muscles, just the one I assigned for that week.


More and more, I see the value in one-to-one mentoring. At my office, we mentor new therapists, but many therapists don't practice in group settings where this is possible. This is also something we, as an organization, are looking into. We all need help and guidance in to help us grow.

If you are wanting to study PNMT and find it daunting, connect with us. We are here to help.

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