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Saving the System So Much Money

Last week, I saw several new clients, all of which had seen many health providers previously. Each of these clients presented with classic musculoskeletal issues, but the previous treatment received was extensive and extremely expensive. In a conversation with several therapists in my clinic, they too had seen several such cases last week. We mused about how much money my office has saved both the health care system and the individual clients over the years. There is no way to track this, but I would wager that it is a very significant sum of money.

In the end, PNMT treatment is about being efficient and effective. Not every pain is musculoskeltal in nature, and of the ones that are, PNMT will not help all of them. But, PNMT is extremely cost effective and there are few down sides to trying it. Why not do the simplest thing first?

In a conversation this week with a potential client who has nerve entrapment symptoms, he wanted to know if PNMT might help. The alternative presented to him is surgery.

"Can you guarantee me that PNMT will help?" he asked.

"Call your doctor and ask if he/she will guarantee that surgery will fix this." I replied.

"Good point," he admitted.

I explained to him that I have seen this problem before and have had numerous successes. Conversely, I have also had a few failures. There is no certainty, but we would know if PNMT is helping in about three sessions. If it does not work, he can always opt for surgery. If the Precision Neural Mobilization does work, then thousands of dollars have been saved. If it does not, the three sessions are a very small price to pay.

Doesn't that just make sense?

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