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Prepaid Package of All Core Seminars

Prepaid Package of All Core Seminars

Planning to take all our core series? Pay up front and take the course any location at any time. There is no expiration on this product. Normal cost would be $2,175. If you pay now, you get all the courses at our early bird rate and an extra $230 off! You pay just $1,945 for all these amazing courses.


The core series includes the following seminars.


  • Cervical Spine (2 day)
  • Low Back (1 day)
  • Thoracic Spine (1 day)
  • Shoulder (1 day)
  • Arm and Hand (1 day)
  • Hip (1 day)
  • Leg and Foot (1 day)
  • Form and Function (2 day)
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