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At PNMT, we teach more than techniques. We teach you how to confidently approach each client that may come your way. Our approach is grounded in science through our clinical practice, and through the application of problem solving skills, we show therapists how to embrace the art of their work as well. Whether through our hands-on seminars, or our online portal, our goal is for every therapist to feel a stronger sense of confidence in, competence of and connection to their profession. 


At the core of PNMT, we teach more than neuromuscular therapy techniques. We help you approach your treatments sessions with confidence in your ability to solve whatever problems the client brings to the table. We do this by offering in-person, hands-on seminars around the country and by offering an online subscription portal that features a library of educational videos and regular live interactive webinars with Doug Nelson. 


We provide therapists with the tools they need to establish a practice that is fulfilling both personally and professionally. The practice of PNMT will challenge you to utilize your hands, your head and your heart. Your hands, because the palpation skills required to do this work are much greater than what is needed for the practice of more general massage. Your head, because while you may feel with your hands, you have to assign meaning to what you feel. This requires a knowledge base to interpret what you have felt. Your heart, because first and foremost, we are human beings deeply connecting with another person. Our clients often come to us in pain and share the most vulnerable aspects of their life. We are human beings first, therapists second. 


Therapists who make PNMT a central part of their practice are extremely successful. They are often in this work for decades, which is unusual in this field. There is a reason for this longevity though; the work is easier on the body than most therapies. We focus on elegance and efficiency to obtain maximum results. Often, the difference between success and failure is the slight turn of a wrist or a change in the angle of entry. 


To that point, there is no end or arrival point to learning. PNMT keeps changing and evolving as we learn more. Manuals are printed for each seminar. If you took a seminar with us ten years ago, you will likely be surprised at how much has changed. This is as it should be. We will never know enough; the therapists who study with us share our passion for life-long learning in service to the people who grace our treatment tables. This is where the portal is most supportive - for those who long to continue learning alongside us. 


The therapists drawn to our seminars are problem solvers who are not satisfied with routines or overly simple answers to complicated questions. They are passionate about using massage therapy to help clients who have specific muscular aches and pains. If that describes you, please consider exploring PNMT to its fullest. Your clients will thank you.


Thank you for your interest in Precision Neuromuscular Therapy (PNMT). Our success is measured by clinical and professional success of those who study with us. If you desire to feel more confident treating your clients, PNMT is for you. 

407 Windsor Rd, Champaign, IL 61820, USA

(217) 363-3866

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