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Like tuning a fine instrument, successful therapy depends on the smallest turn of the hand done with clarity of purpose and full attention to detail.

We don't just teach you how, we teach you why.


Our mission is to train therapists to help people who struggle each day with muscular pain and do not realize that precise soft tissue strategies can be of enormous help. We do this by offering hands-on seminars in Precision Neuromuscular Therapy around the country. 
We teach therapists to think critically about the treatment choices they make. While we show you extremely thorough ways to treat various muscles, we also show you assessment approaches to be very clear about why you think any particular muscle is responsible for your client's presenting symptom. Rather than being married to one treatment approach, we demonstrate many. Why? The answer is that all of the PNMT Instructors are also clinicians. Great clinicians are always prepared with other options when their "go-to" strategy doesn't work. 
Because PNMT demands precise palpation skills, class sizes are typically less than 24 therapists to a seminar. This allows the participants ample guidance, which is extremely important. Often, the difference between success and failure is the slight turn of a wrist or a change in angle of entry. 
The therapists drawn to our seminars are problem solvers who are not satisfied with routines or overly simple answers to complicated questions. They are passionate about using massage therapy to help clients who have specific muscular aches and pains. If that describes you, please consider exploring PNMT in its fullest. Your clients will thank you.


Thank you for your interest in Precision Neuromuscular Therapy (PNMT). Our success is measured by the clinical success of those who study with us. If you love to problem solve and help relieve pain, PNMT is for you!

407 Windsor Rd, Champaign, IL 61820, USA

(217) 363-3866