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A certificate in PNMT is a process of deepening one’s education, not a series of hoops to surmount. In order to earn a certificate in Precision Neuromuscular Therapy, the prospective student must successfully complete:

*The students must take the Core Seminars:

  • PNMT for the Cervical Spine

  • PNMT for the Shoulder

  • PNMT for the Arm and Hand

  • PNMT for the Thoracic Spine

  • PNMT for the Low Back

  • PNMT for the Hip

  • PNMT for the Leg and Foot

  • PNMT Form and Function


These core seminars can be taken in any order.

* A written examination over the core course material. You demonstrate proficiency and competency over material in the Core Series Seminars. Our one day courses are combined and tested together, so the following are tests given:

  • PNMT for the Cervical Spine

  • PNMT for the Shoulder and Arm and Hand tested together in one test

  • PNMT for the Low Back and Thoracic Spine tested together in one test

  • PNMT for the Hip and Leg and Foot tested together in one test

  • PNMT Form and Function

* A practical assessment over the core course material. We will pick about five routines for you to demonstrate to the tester. You would explain what you are treating, why you are treating this area, and then demonstrate the techniques. During this phase the tester may show you new advances or point out ways to do the work even better. Your testing is also a learning experience.  Learn more about the testing process in this video.


The written and practical exams is geared toward the anatomy and reasons to treat any particular muscle. You must also be aware of any contraindications to performing the work. (The cost for the written and practical exam is $50 per test and takes about one hour)

* Completion of the PNMT Research Literacy Home Study Course, or the Research Literacy Course from the Academy of Clinical Massage. This course is a home study course that is available online at Cost: $50

* Completion of one case study. This is simply writing up your experience with one client: What you did, why, the outcomes, and what you learned in the process. We are here to help you through this process. Your case studies might be posted to our website so that we all can benefit from the experience.  


      When you have completed or if you want help with your case study please email it to

When you have completed the above requirements, please email stating the completion of the requirements and request for PNMT Certificate!


Why Should I Invest My Time and Energy to Become Earn this Certificate?


Over the years, I have paid close attention to this process. The most important reason I can share with you is what it will do for your skill level, confidence, and the vitality of your practice. If you are looking solely for a piece of paper, it is the wrong motivation. As practitioners, we succeed only by what we can accomplish with our hands. In addition, we must have the clinical reasoning skills and ability to communicate with our clients and our peers. The PNMT certificate process is meant to empower you not only with the confidence you need to succeed, but the skills to back it up.

  • After earning this certificate, you may review level one classes at no charge

  • Practitioners with certificates are listed on this website

  • Access to level two and other internship programs

  • Discounts on products offered by NMT MidWest, Inc.



To take one written and practical test (per seminar): $50
To take two tests (the written and practical over two seminars): $80
Note: We do not allow anyone to test over a seminar immediately after completing the class for the first time. Testing is not a measure of your ability to memorize; it is a measure of your ability to absorb and integrate PNMT into your practice. 


Listing of Qualified Examiners:

If you do not see an Examiner in your area, testing can also be arranged in a distance format. If you want to test, we can make that happen for you.







Washington, D.C.


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