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2024 PNMT Colloquium:


The PNMT Colloquium gathers PNMT therapists from all over the country to network, discuss, and learn. This year's Colloquium, the first for 6 years, will revolve around the themes of connections. Including presentations from Dr. Donald Neumann and Doug Nelson! 

We'll be discussing complex kinesiological connections in the body with Dr. Neumann and Seth Will brings hands-on techniques that explore the connections between our shoulder and hip. Going beyond the biological we'll talk about how we connect with our clients with our communication. Finally Doug Nelson will demonstrate functional integration techniques that move you and your client beyond a typical massage session. As always we'll give time to connect with other therapists and socialize with the PNMT community.

Register today and explore all the connections PNMT provides!


PNMT Colloquium

Sunday Jun 16, 2024 - Day 1

8:30AM - Introduction, logistics, and presenting Dr. Neumann

9:00AM - Dr. Neumann -  Kinesiologic Foundations of the Shoulder and Hip: A Focus on Structural and Functional Interactions

12:30PM - Brief wrap up for Dr. Neumann

12:45PM - Lunch (provided)

2:15PM - Seth Will - Individuating and Uniting the Girdles (Shoulder and Pelvic): Hands on and Movement interventions for the Anterior and Posterior Slings

4:30PM - Conclusion

5:00PM - End

6:00PM - Dinner at Doug Nelson's House


Monday June 17th 2024 - Day 2

8:30AM - Breakfast (provided) and Introduction to Day 2

9:30AM - Nick Clegg

10:30AM - Doug Nelson - Connecting with our Clients with Soft Skills

12:00PM - Wrap Up Before Lunch

12:10PM - Lunch (provided)

1:10PM - Palpation Skills

2:30PM - Doug Nelson - Dynamic Integration Techniques

4:00PM - Conclusion, instructor panel, final words

4:30PM -  End

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