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NCBMTB Approved Continuing Education Hours: 8


Timeline: 1 day seminar

                Day 1: 9am – 6pm (one hour lunch)


Cost: Early Bird $230, Normal $250, Review Rate 40% off


The numbers are staggering; the suffering and economic cost of lower back pain is enormous. Low back pain is consistently in the top three reasons people seek medical care and the numbers are growing. It is our experience that highly precise soft-tissue therapy has an important role to play in the treatment of low back pain. In the PNMT Low Back seminar, you will learn how to efficiently evaluate and treat people with various types of back pain involving the lumbar spine, clearly identifying the anatomical landmarks necessary for great palpation, addressing the relevant soft tissue structures, and reviewing how these soft tissue restrictions are tied to movement and everyday complaints. In addition to learning amazingly effective treatment techniques, we make sure you leave with a deep model of understanding the “why” behind the “how”.  

If a therapist is going to treat LBP, the most important task is to have a deep model of understanding of back pain, more important than learning techniques to apply to something not well understood. In the PNMT for the Low Back and Thoracic Spine seminar, participants will address fundamental issues such as red flags for treatment, how to identify neural issues, how to assess whether the source of LBP is instability or hypomobility and so much more. Participants in this seminar will learn to assess the spine in multiple movement planes (flexion, extension, lateral flexion, rotation) and correlate muscular treatments with movement restrictions. Rather than memorize one-size-fits-nobody routines, emphasis is on problem solving skills and clinical reasoning. PNMT is not a modality; it is an approach to soft-tissue therapy that is highly analytic and science based, but uses those skills to artistically create a wonderful treatment experience for the client.  

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