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Thank you for being part of a very special group of therapists!

Thank you so much for being PNMT Certified and dedicated to continuing your understanding and practice of this important work. I am very proud of all the good we are doing in the world. It is all of you who make a difference in your communities, helping those who struggle with soft-tissue pain and discomfort. Thank you for the good work you do.

Each entry will either develop content from the Core seminars or explore a concept important to the practice of PNMT. We will be adding new content on a regular basis; I hope you find it useful in your practice.

  • Multifidi Review and Multifidi Lift Test-

In this short video, we examine more closely the important role of the multifidi and show you another approach to testing and treating this muscle.

View it here.

  • Design Thinking and PNMT-

In this video, Doug explores the parallels of the design thinking process and our PNMT reasoning process.

View it here

  • Abductor Hallucis Treatment

In this video, Doug explores some treatment focus points for this important muscle of the foot.

View it here.

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