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PNMT Portal

Thank you so much for visiting us at the AMTA National Convention!

Watch PNMT's founder Doug Nelson discuss the PNMT Portal below. Our premiere subscription service that gives you easy access to hundreds of PNMT videos, a learning community, in-depth webinars, one-on-one mentoring and so much more!
Ready to sign up? Click the button below and use code "amta" until September 30th to get 20% off!

Portal Intro 2024

Portal Intro 2024

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What is the PNMT Portal?


The PNMT Portal is a subscription service to hundreds of videos, discussion boards and webinars that you can access from your computer or mobile phone whenever you want, wherever you are.

The PNMT Portal is an interactive and educational PNMT Portal to connect with our students beyond our live seminars. We want to stay in touch and help you grow as a massage therapist. The PNMT Portal will keep you informed of best practices, help you with difficult client issues, and strengthen your skills as a therapist.

What do you get with the PNMT Portal?

When you sign up for the PNMT Portal you get access to a library of hundreds of videos made specifically for the clinical massage therapist, including:

  • Clinical assessment videos

  • Treatment videos

  • Anatomy review videos

  • Pathology videos

  • Practice management videos

  • Postural distortion videos

  • Massage therapist self-care videos

  • And much more!


New videos will be added weekly, because there’s always more to learn!


But that’s not all. When you sign up for the PNMT Portal, you’ll have access to live interactive webinars (and their replays) every other month with Doug Nelson on current topics in massage therapy!

What does the PNMT Portal Cost?

Annual Subscription - $167.50/year

Monthly Subscription - $15.50/month

Do you want your staff to have access to PNMT Portal? Email us at for clinic pricing based on the number of staff.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Where do I access the PNMT Portal?


  • You will sign up through our online learning platform Thinkific. You can access the portal at anytime and from your computer or mobile device.

Are the videos available offline?

  • Most of the videos are a streaming service and are not available offline. Some content may be downloadable and will be indicated as such.

If I can't attend a webinar will I have access to a replay?

  • Yes! All webinars will be recorded, and you will have access to the replay.

Do I have to complete a lesson before moving on to the next?

  • No, you can move around lessons at anytime that you want.


Will I receive CEs for the portal?

  • Yes! Currently there are 18 NCBTMB CEs embedded within the Portal and we are always adding more.

What if I want to cancel?

  • You can cancel your subscription at anytime.

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