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PNMT Colloquium 2024- Connections

On June 16-17, 2024, seventy PNMT therapists from around the country gathered to learn together, laugh together, and share their joy of PNMT practice. Remarkably, it had been six years since the last Colloquium. Previous gatherings were in 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2016, and 2018.

Each Colloquium has had a different theme, and the theme this year was Connections. This theme was explored in how systems are complex and integrated, a lesson exemplified by anatomical and kinesiological exploration of the shoulder and the hip. Leading us through that exploration was Dr. Donald Neumann, a celebrated authority on kinesiology from Marquette University.

Next, Seth Will from the PNMT staff explored the sensorimotor connections of the nervous system and the pioneers who opened those doors to our understanding.

After the first day, participants connected with each other by gathering at Doug Nelson's home and spending the evening connecting and learning from each other. One of the best parts of the Colloquium is the time to gather with other like-minded therapists, network, socialize and connect with each other beyond the classroom setting.

The Power of Words was explored by Nick Clegg, who walked us through his journey with chronic pain. We all learned to pay closer attention to the language we use with clients. His powerful story moved students to consider their role in validation for those with chronic pain.

PNMT founder Douglas Nelson then explored soft skills, a practical approach to better listening skills, using multiple exercises to put those skills into practice. Students discussed how to use targeted statements rather than questions to explore client history. Groups practiced listening with the understanding that clients assess us as much as we assess them in an intake interview.

The afternoon was spent exploring Dynamic Palpation, using skills we honed with a series of palpation training exercises. Learning that our palpation skills can always be refined and used not only as treatment but assessment as well.

The PNMT Colloquium this year was a joy to host. It always inspires us to see wonderful therapists who are working all over the country to help people on their journey of pain. The curiosity to gain more knowledge from so many talented people instills a hope and confidence in the staff at PNMT that great work is being done.

Thank you to all those who attended and we hope to see everyone at the next Colloquium.

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