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NCBMTB Approved Continuing Education Hours: 8


Timeline: 1 day seminar

                Day 1: 9am – 6pm (one hour lunch)


Cost: Early Bird $230, Normal $250, Review Rate 40% off

In the PNMT Thoracic Spine seminar, you will learn how to efficiently evaluate and treat people with various types of back pain involving the lumbar and thoracic area. In order to accomplish this, you will learn to clearly identify the anatomical landmarks necessary for great palpation, identify and address the correct soft tissue structures, and review how these soft tissue restrictions are tied to movement and everyday complaints. In addition to learning amazingly effective treatment techniques, we make sure you leave with a deep model of understanding the “why” behind the “how”.  


The thoracic spine may very well be the unsung hero of the human body. While the low back and neck get all the attention and treatment, the thoracic spine plays an enormous role in the health of both. Lack of mobility in the thoracic spine typically goes unnoticed. Unfortunately, when the thoracic spine has restricted movement, the low back often tries to make up the difference. This quite often leads to pain in the low back. Treatment on the low back will ultimately fail, since the low back is doing too much, since the thoracic spine is doing too little. There are many possible causes of pain in the thoracic area, many of them respond very well to precise manual treatment. The difference between success and failure is quite often the skill level of the therapist. Our goal is to help you attain the skill level needed to effectively problem solve your way through commonly presented pain syndromes of the mid-back.

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