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Have you been a reader of Douglas Nelson's Table Lessons column in Massage and Bodywork Magazine?

Welcome to Precision Neuromuscular Therapy

Are you a massage therapist who loves to problem-solve? Do the majority of your clients present with musculoskeletal conditions that are often not addressed by other disciplines? 

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Our Mission

In our many years of seeing clients with various musculoskeletal problems, it has become very clear that these issues are not addressed well in the traditional health care system. So many people suffer needlessly when targeted soft tissue strategies could help. 

At the same time, more general massage therapy isn't likely to address these hyper-precise issues either. In our experience, it takes a great deal of skill and training to produce consistently positive outcomes for clients in pain. If you are a therapist who loves to solve problems, then PNMT is likely for you!

Great Education Based on Clinical Experience

We love to share our clinical experience with you. This is an important point. For all of the PNMT instructors, their clinical practice is their primary focus. We are sharing techniques and approaches with you because we have used them successfully in our clinics for years. Additionally, the therapists drawn to our training often bring skill sets and experience that are enormously valuable. We build on that experience to sharpen, refine, and reinspire therapists. 

We take a very pragmatic approach in our teaching as well. If you spend the time and money on continuing education, it has to make a real and substantial positive impact on your practice. Talk to people who study with us and you will hear how our commitment to excellent teaching with lots of hands-on guidance has helped to reinvigorate their practice and their own commitment to this wonderful profession. 


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