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Three Day Seminar: Friday- Sunday (Friday 10-6, Sat 9-5, Sun 9-4)
Cost: $495
Held only in Champaign, IL at Douglas Nelson's clinic

Integrating Your Knowledge
Over the years, many participants in the seminars have asked if they can come observe Douglas Nelson at his clinic for a few days, as a sort of advanced neuromuscular internship. Realizing the need for this type of training and experience, we've made a special learning opportunity to a select number of therapists. At the seminars, by the nature of the format, approaches are taught in fragments and pieces. In the clinic however, all those pieces have to come together into a coherent whole. The Level Two Intensives are about bridging the gap between learning the techniques and skillfully applying and modifying them to real clients with real issues, under expert guidance.

For time eternal, the best way to master your craft is to work closely side by side with someone who has the skill set you wish to possess. This is the apprenticeship process in the skilled trades and the residency process in medical training. Only in real life can the variations and decision making be completely experienced. For therapists it means being in the clinic seeing people who have the condition we are studying, seeing the instructor guide the patient through the evaluation process seamlessly into and through the treatment and re-examination. Only experiencing this in person can teach you what is needed to take your practice to the next level, moving beyond what you learned in any technique based training and into the realm of clinical mastery.

What Will Happen at a Level Two Intensive?
We've developed a four pronged approach:
1.) Clarifying previous material that you may need help with regarding the Core Seminars
2.) Adding New Skills- advanced material that deepens your skill set
3.) Seeing clients with the developer of PNMT, Douglas Nelson. These clients are not models; they are real patients with real problems. In most cases, these are completely new patients and in others, Douglas has selected some clients that have a condition that has required a longer plan of therapy to illustrate the difference in applications. After each client and at the end of each day, there will be time to debrief and discuss individual patient interventions and management.
4.) Finally, we will begin to work together on the clients as they come in towards the end of the training. We believe strongly in the model of see, then do! This ensures ideal retention.

Why Should you take Level Two?
Your Instructor: Level Two is your chance to work side by side with Douglas Nelson, the founder of PNMT. Doug has practiced since 1977 and is a wealth of clinical experience. His vast experience with professional athletes (Neuromuscular Consultant to the Chicago Bulls during their many championships in the 90's and to the St. Louis Rams during their Super Bowl years) and musicians and his many years of clinical decision making are yours to learn from in a very small group setting.

Small Group Setting: limited to six participants.

Level Two happens at developer of PNMT, Douglas Nelson's primary clinic in Champaign, IL.

There is, to our knowledge, no other such "neuromuscular massage residency" type training anywhere else in the world with such a high caliber of tutelage!

Who Qualifies to take Level Two?
In order to attend the Level Two training we need to insure that you've attained a base level of competence within the PNMT approach. To achieve this you must have taken all five Core Level seminars (PNMT: Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, Spine and Thorax, Head and Neck, and Form and Function). You are not required having finished earning your certificate to attend these Level Two Clinical Intensives with Douglas Nelson, but if you have not, prior approval from course Doug is required.

Cost: $495 for three full days (22 hours) of some of the finest continuing education you will ever have.

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