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Back Mice

Over the years, both in my office and at seminars, the issue of small soft fatty deposits about the back have come up. These have been called "episacral lypomas" and I have always taught that they are benign and to leave them alone. Turns out, they are not always as benign as I thought. . .

Christopher Sovereign from my teaching staff sent me an interesting reference about these deposits. While there were only two patients in that article, it did get me to thinking about all the people I have seen who believed that the "knot back there" had something to do with their pain. Perhaps I should have listened!

This term "back mice" led me to another article in Massage and Bodywork magazine (I hear they have excellent writers!!!) I found the article very interesting, especially the description of them as a kind of fascial hernia.

The learning never stops. . .

I would be interested to hear if any of you have had success with treatment of these pesky critters.

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